Torre Barcelona


Torre Barcelona, inspired by the work of Gaudí, changes the landscape of Corredor da Vitória.

Those who pass through the Corredor da Vitória, the most exquisite and sought after square meter in Salvador, certainly notice something different in the place. Delivered to its illustrious residents in September 2010, Prima's first real estate development in Salvador, Torre Barcelona, ​​draws attention not only for its innovative architectural style but also for another element that sets it apart from other high-rise buildings in the neighborhood: the work was inspired by Spanish Antonio Gaudí.

The building’s architecture alludes to Park Güell, known for its architectural beauty, richness of shapes and elements inspired by the unmistakable landscaping, designed by Spanish Gaudí. Architects André Sá and Francisco Mota based their project design on this inspiration. “The residential development embodies the modern, present, contemporary Barcelona, with the ideal resources for an apartment aimed at the Bahian market, and a large balcony facing Baía de Todos os Santos”, points out André Sá, highlighting the sloping position of the tower in relation to Avenida Sete de Setembro.

To develop the mosaics, the developer relied on the competence and artistic sensitivity of architect Elieser Nobre to reproduce elements of the famous Park Güell, built in the early twentieth century, in the Catalan city that gave its name to the building. “The architects brought to Torre Barcelona a re-reading of Gaudí’s work, which can be perfectly seen in the railings, columns, in the outline of the architecture that mixes the sophistication of a building with contemporary style and that perfectly combines the simple, colorful and beautiful style of the craquelure”, tells Elieser Noble.

The artist points out that, to compose the work, small symbols of the Spanish art were used, by the use of diversified raw material such as simple and decorated pottery, glass, mirrors, stones of varied textures, sizes and shapes that, ultimately, led to a set of amorphic mosaics that transformed the building entrance and common and leisure areas into a work of art. “At every moment, at every moment of contemplation, the residents will see something different”, reinforces Noble.

The colorful mosaics have filled the building with charm and beauty, and have charmed the people going by. “People pass by, look around, admire the building that is indeed quite beautiful”, says a neighbor, taking his morning stroll and passing Torre Barcelona, ​​also admiring the work.


Built at Corredor da Vitória, the most noble and desired residential address in the city, which enchants for its elegance, style, charm and culture, it establishes the first condominium by Prima Empreendimentos in Bahia as a project of unmistakable beauty.

The available urban infrastructure is another highlight. Close to schools, universities, movie theaters, shopping malls, museums, banks, clubs and theaters, Corredor da Vitória is privileged for its proximity to the sea of Baía de Todos os Santos (​​Bay of All Saints), highlighting the nobility and distinctiveness of this address.


Designed to be a benchmark of residential property, Torre Barcelona combines location, sophistication of finish, functionality, architectural beauty, and quality of construction.

This real estate development designed to offer its residents maximum comfort, daily convenience and leisure on weekends, is being built on a site of 3,895m2. It will have 20 floors, apartments of up to 180m2, four suites, 28m2 of balconies, large living room, and 3 parking spaces with individual deposit area. Areas of common use include gourmet space, children’s playground, pool with deck, bar, barbecue area, fitness club, leisure area with multimedia space, squash court, jacuzzi, party room, and library. For greater security and comfort, the building has an electric generator, parking places for visitors, and specific area to wash cars.

The Apartments

The exclusivity of only one tower, quality of finish and comfort of these apartments will enchant you!

• Up to 180m2 (2 apartments per floor);

• 4 suites;

• Large living/dining area;

• Service area and service room;

• 28m2 of balconies;

• Kitchen;

• Powder room;

• 3 parking spaces - 4th optional space;

• Individual deposit area;

• Façade 100% covered with mosaic tiles.


Torre Barcelona is a luxury residential condominium with 20 floors and two apartments per floor, four suites, balconies of 28m2 and one penthouse of 421m2 with a 110m2 balcony. Marketed by Real Estate Agent Josinha Pacheco.

Designed to be a benchmark for residential properties, Torre Barcelona combines location, sophistication of finish, functionality, architectural beauty, and quality of construction. Its future residents will soon enjoy a building that suggests conviviality with art, comfort and modernity.

In the leisure areas, family and friends will enjoy an infrastructure that will provide moments of great relaxation under the Bahia sun. The condominium has a swimming pool with deck, jacuzzi and outdoor bathrooms, showers, squash court, fitness club, bar, grill and gourmet spaces, and playground. There is also the Multimedia Space, a room with broadband internet and a library to complete the fun. The garden and flower beds are part of the decoration project in reference to the work of Gaudí and give more life and beauty to the external areas. For greater security and comfort, the building has an electric generator, parking places for visitors, and specific area to wash cars.






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