Hotel Fasano Salvador


Hotel Fasano is much more than a five star luxury hotel. Refinement, comfort and a touch of the Bahian air ensure a relaxing and unforgettable stay. At the entrance, on the ground floor, you can appreciate the stunning beauty of a picture painted by nature: the Bay of All Saints.

Incorporated in the bucolic and historical scenery of the Old Center of Salvador, the building façade was restored in stone powder, a quite common technique in art décor and that guarantees a new appearance, without damaging the original features and colors. The layout and parquet flooring, both in the bedrooms and the hall, are absolutely unique, as are the floor to ceiling height of the reception and restaurant. The ornaments that marked an era in one of the most glamorous buildings of the traditional Rua Chile were also reproduced.

The floor and elevators hall's covering have also been preserved, as well as its decorative crown molding and the large metallic doors. The building – which was one of the most celebrated urban spaces of historic Salvador – maintains the features of the architectural movement of its golden age.

Hotel Fasano’s Wine Cellar – open to visitors – is a privilege for guests and clients that can enjoy the best wine labels. Following the characteristic of each room of the building, the cellar preserves a romantic atmosphere, accentuated by a helicoidal staircase, melted in the purest steel and whose adornments are breathtaking.

Guests and clients travel back in time when they come across the corridors and elevator hall of floors intended for the rooms. The décor here is totally inspired in the 1930s, revealing meticulous and delicate research, restoration and preservation work.

Fasano’s penthouse is the highlight of this cozy and comfortable hotel with one of the most privileged views of the capital of Bahia. With raised deck and transparent glass guardrail, the pool is clad in special natural stone, with a genuinely Bahian atmosphere. The infinity pool allows direct visual connection, without interference, with the calm waters of Bay of All Saints.







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