A piece of paradise at your fingertips. This is Baixio, where Rio Inhambupe cleanses the community’s soul until it flows into a paradisiacal and cinematographic beach and where simplicity and nature open space for comfort and leisure.


It is an exclusive destination located in one of the most disputed regions of the Bahian North Coast, the so-called “Costa dos Coqueiros” (Coconut Coast), only 30 minutes from the famous Praia do Forte.


A crystalline sea, rivers and lagoons with clear and transparent waters and more than 80 km of trails, which provide excitement and adventure for nature lovers. These are just some of the irresistible attractions of Baixio. Tracks and walks – which can be made by quadricycle or kayak – reveal cinematographic settings and breathtaking scenery.


To replenish the energies, there is nothing better than going to the village of residents, where a hospitable and cheerful people welcomes visitors with the flavors and tastes of the place’s typical foods. Anyway, Baixio is the perfect destination for those who dream of unforgettable moments with their family or the loved one.





In addition to the preserved nature, in Baixio you also find a cozy village with smiling and hospitable people and the delicious taste of typical foods. Vila do Baixio is still under development, but it already enchants with its simplicity, the way it welcomes the visitor and provides unforgettable experiences. A feeling shared by those who live here.


For all this, Baixio will become your next destination of preserved nature. Perfect for anyone looking for a new option of well-being and quality of life. An exclusive place, with everything that is most beautiful in Bahia.





Pousada e Restaurante Aldeola (Aldeola Inn and Restaurant) is one of the sustainable development actions in the Baixio region, promoted by Prima. Surrounded by nature on all sides, Aldeola is ideal for those who want to rest and enjoy moments of peace and tranquility. It offers comfortable accommodations, high-quality services and delicious cuisine. The inn doubles as a training and professional qualification hotel and all its employees live at the local community.


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As a starting point for the creation of Destination Baixio, Prima, as responsible for the whole concept and for the direct implementation of the first developments, will continue actively participating in the conceptual development of the next projects. In this way, it will be possible to continue targeting the projects in relation to the different types of public within a general logic that maintains the high standard intended for the Destination. Thus, the development of the Destination is not restricted to the implementation of the developments alone.  To consolidate the Destination as such, Prima intends to retain control of the general services guaranteeing a standard of excellence. It will also act in the creation of general condominium rules that guarantee the preservation of all the equipment installed along the stages and of the incredible natural resources existing.


To enable the orderly and sustainable touristic exploration of Baixio’s natural heritage, Prima has created a company called Baixio Turismo to lead, develop and offer all leisure and tourism recreation activities within pre-established standards that guarantee the preservation of the existing heritage.


As a basis for structuring the Destination, all developments will have a thoughtful and integrated infrastructure to support all day-to-day activities of residents and visitors. The developments and the areas between them will be served by roads, bike lanes, parking lots, lookouts, signs, visual communication, and everything necessary to offer practicality in the use of public and condominium spaces.


All these initiatives aim to create a recognizable personality – the brand “Destino Baixio” –, which will reveal the basic premises and characteristics such as the high added-value products with high standard, quality and exclusivity, and environmental and social responsibility.


To reinforce these concepts, Prima intends to surround itself with partners, such as Fasano – that has a recognized standard of excellence in the Brazilian and international markets – to offer services to visitors and condominium members.




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